Technical Specification

1.    All kitchen equipment in used – Top + Middle + Bottom and over shelves – 18 Gauge 304 Food grade S.S. Sheet.
2.    Refrigeration equipment are made in (Inner and outer body) of 20+22 Gauge 304 Food Grade S.S. Sheet.
3.    Low Current, Electricity consuming-compressor are used in refrigeration equipments.
4.    Indofas Tem. Controller /Digital tem. Controller.
5.    Stainless Steel welds by Argon welding Machine (Esab make).
6.    Refrigerant are using 134A-Gas CFC free (Eco Friendly).
7.    Equipment fabrication work (pressing, Bending & cutting) by Automatic power press Machine.
8.    Cooking Range Burner is used united make ISI mark.
9.    Inculcation is used in high density polyurethane foam 38.5 densities, inject with high pressure machine.
10.    Cooking Range and table legs are made 16 Gauge round / square pipe 304 Food Grade S.S. Sheet with nylon adjustable bullet fitted.
11.    Compressors are used Kirloskar (Emerson) make with 12 Months Warranty only for Compressor.
12.    Apart from our standard range of equipment as per customer's requirement & specification.